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Reliable Furniture Assembly Services in Edmonton AB
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Reliable Furniture Assembly Services in Edmonton AB

I.M Construction, the reliable provider of furniture assembly services in Edmonton AB, is the key to unlocking a hassle-free living experience. Professional furniture assembly services are a privilege to residencies within Edmonton that experience significant demands of modern life. Decoding complex instruction manuals, dealing with complicated modern designs, and handling fragile things is what necessitates our professional assistance. 

As the leading provider of Edmonton AB, Canada, affordable furniture assembly, we save you valuable time and spare you from the frustration of DIY furniture assembly. Our services guarantee a seamless, worry-free experience, ensuring a secure and robust furniture setup. By choosing I.M Construction, you enjoy a beautifully furnished space and relaxation, knowing that your investment is in capable hands. With our team, your dream of a beautifully furnished and purposeful space will become an existing reality.

Our Mission

To provide the residents with the best furniture assembly services in Edmonton that save time, reduce stress, and enhance the practicality and stylishness of their homes.

Our Vision

To stay dominant as the trusted service provider of professional furniture assembly in Edmonton, AB, Canada, by consistently innovating and expanding our contributions.

Technology Used by Our Architectural Designers

We use various techniques for professional assembly to ensure sturdy and visually pleasing results. One fundamental aspect of furniture assembly is proper measurement and alignment, ensuring all components fit seamlessly. Our team frequently uses fastening methods like screws, dowels, and cam locks to secure joints and provide stability. Additionally, the use of high-quality adhesives helps us reinforce the bond between parts for the long term. Following local regulations is necessary as it helps us guarantee safety standards for items like cribs or bunk beds. We also utilize adjusting flexible components and hidden connectors for a sleek appearance.

Decoding Furniture Assembly: A Detailed Process

Our procedure starts with a rigorous inspection of every component to make sure nothing is broken or missing. Next, the furniture assembler will lay out the tools needed for the job, including screwdrivers, wrenches, and specialized equipment. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step, connecting pieces, tightening screws, and aligning parts with precision. A detail-oriented approach is crucial, as it guarantees every element fits together seamlessly. Once the furniture installation is complete, we do a thorough inspection to make any necessary adjustments. Finally, the cleaned-up space and your beautiful, fully assembled furniture are ready for use.

Decoding Furniture Assembly: A Detailed Process

I.M Construction stands out as the premier choice for effective furniture assembly services in Edmonton AB, for a multitude of reasons:

Choose us for furniture setup services that surpass your expectations.

Our Services

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Let the best provider of furniture assembly services in Edmonton AB, transform your flat-packed frustrations into functional beauty so you can enjoy your space without the hassle.

Embrace the outdoors with effortlessness like never before. We specialize in assembling patio furniture, making your outdoor oasis ready for relaxation and entertainment in no time.

Secure your property with style and strength. Our fencing and gate services blend form and function, offering you peace of mind and enhancing your property’s curb appeal.

Trust our experienced team to turn your basement into a functional and cozy living space that adds significant value to your beloved home, through top-notch basement renovations.

Take your outdoor living experience to the next level. Our deck construction experts design and build custom decks, creating the perfect space for outdoor gatherings and relaxation.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Our handyman services cover a wide range of home maintenance and repair tasks. Let us handle the list of things to accomplish so you may unwind at home without worrying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our furniture assembly service is a convenient option as our experienced professionals efficiently assemble your ready-to-assemble furniture, saving you time and effort.

Professional assembly is necessary since assembling the furniture on your increases the risk of breakage. We ensure your furniture is timely and correctly put together.

If you face any problems with your assembled furniture after our work, let us know, and we will address the issue promptly, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Yes, our team takes utmost care during furniture installations to ensure the safety of your home and your furniture. We work diligently to avoid any damage.

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Functional Tools and Equipment

As the premium provider of furniture assembly services in Edmonton AB, we utilize fully functional furniture assembly tools and equipment without you needing to rent anything.


Improperly installed furniture is a safety hazard. We construct your furniture securely according to manufacturer instructions, lowering the possibility of mishaps.

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